Chrstmas Spirit

Chrstmas Spirit
My wife and kids having a little holiday fun

Friday, October 15, 2010

Tantrums, Troubles, and Treasures (Structure of the Blog)

Good afternoon to all.  Just like the song in Smokey and the Bandit, "I've Got a Long Way to Go and a Short Time to Get There"  so off I go.

First, for everyone who has read this blog, your time is very appreciated.  You could be doing a million other things.  Thanks for spending it with me.

Second, because I was a former teacher, I feel the need for structure with this blog.  Many ideas have scrambled through my mind but here's how it stands now.  I want to blog as consistently as possible on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Monday is going to be saved for education issues.  This could mean what is going on in the community, nationwide, or in my home.  As a first grader, Cameron has been tested in the top 1% in the nation.  He did it on the ITBS test (more commonly referred to as the Iowa test) and he repeated the success on his Accelerated Reader exam.  He can read roughly on a 4th grade level.  I am not here to brag though.  What I'd like to do is educate you on how I did it and what I am doing to continue the momentum.

Also, Luke is three and has been diagnosed with a speech delay.  He had fluid in his ears for months which never got infected.  The problem is now resolved and Luke is in full swing with his education.  I am willing to walk you through how I am educating him.  I have the utmost confidence he will be a very strong student. If you copy what I am doing, he may have more competition down the line because of your child; but what I am hoping for is a smarter society.   Kentucky is consistently one of the 10 dumbest states in the union.  There are many reasons for it.  I doubt if I could cut through the red tape of the public schools if I attacked it with a chainsaw.  What I can do is show you how to have a nationally ranked child despite where he/she attends.

Wednesday blogs are going to be saved for discipline.  There is a severe shortage of it in homes.  I developed my discipline skills at St. Joseph's Children's Home.  By the time I became a teacher, I laughed at my classrooms because of their utter inability to misbehave.  No, I am not joking.  I told several students that until they learned how to misbehave, they should take a seat at their desk.  All but one did in 7 1/2 years of teaching. She was on such heavy medication, she couldn't see straight; let alone learn anything.  I really felt sorry for her.  At the end of the year, she was, in essence, expelled and placed in a "special school."  My discipline measures are really spelled out in my book Tantrums, Troubles, and Treasures.  Even if you never read the book, I can give you enough tips to really help your situation.

Friday's blog is going to be more of a free for all.  I may get into silly issues with my own kids, give shout outs to good parents, or go where ever my parental winds are blowing. 

Because today is Friday, my parental winds are leading to spending time outside with my boys.  Cameron and I are going to a football game tonight.  Hopefully, we will be working on counting by 7's (as in touchdowns).  Tomorrow, I think the family is going to a pumpkin patch.  Lauren brought it up but I wasn't listening as well as I should.  That's why this is a parenting blog and not a marital blog (Ha Ha).  The UK- South Carolina game is being played at 6:00pm tomorrow which is great for Cameron and his bedtime.  If I'm feeling generous, he may even get a special night.  That means going to bed after 8:00pm.  It will be a last minute decision.  It may even hinge on the score of the game.

Have a super weekend!  I know there are household projects to be accomplished but please take some time to spend with your kids.  They grow up so fast and the dirt will always be on the windows when you get around to it.

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