Chrstmas Spirit

Chrstmas Spirit
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Monday, January 3, 2011

Achieveing a New Year's Resolution

New year - which direction?Which direction will you go in 2011?

Happy 2011 to all of you.  I hope you are reading this post in good spirits and with an open mind because we have some work to do.  The first thing I want to talk about are some of the best ways I have seen in achieving a New Year's resolution.  The next thing is talking about my resolution because I'm going to need your help.

New Year's resolutions seem to be difficult for a couple of reasons.  The first is the highs and lows of life and how it gets in the way of what we are trying to accomplish.  The second is that a year is a long time. Having the same drive to achieve a goal on day 1, day 122, and day 364 can be difficult.

It's important in a family for everyone to help everyone else achieve their resolutions.  Life will still have it's highs and lows for each individual; but having the support of your family can help offset them.  Though I don't have a shred of statistical evidence, I would bet many resolutions are not achieved simply because people try to accomplish them alone.  You can actually help your kids with their goals as well by showing a passion while working on your resolutions.  After all, iron sharpens iron. 

It's also a good idea to make goals as a family and post them somewhere for all to see.  You've got to be accountable to each other and willing to have your own feet held to the fire when you are not sticking to the goals.  

For example, my wife had the goal last year of running a 10k (6.2 miles) on a treadmill.  To some, that may not be a big deal but to her- it meant everything.  I tried to help by keeping up with my workouts, giving her positive encouragement, and allowing her time to go to the gym while I took care of the kids.  I'm proud to tell you that on December 31, 2010, the goal was accomplished.  I couldn't be more proud.

The second tip I would give would be to break a year into parts and attack your New Year's goal incrementally.  For example, if you'd like to loose 20 pounds this year, try stating the goal like this:  "I will lose 1.66 pounds per month."  That's it.  According to what I have heard from Weight Watchers, losing a pound per week is reasonable. Therefore, losing 1.66 pounds in a month isn't too hard.  Is it?  In a year's time, the resolution will have been accomplished.

Now for my goal.  My New Year's resolution is to sell the Tantrums, Troubles, and Treasures book to a publisher.  I have three reasons for this.

1.  Selling the book may allow my wife to work a little less.  She has been our sole bread winner for 4 years.  Without her sacrifices, the book nor the blog would have come to fruition.  Please understand that if you have learned something from my writings or have applied one thing from this blog to your household, part of the credit has to be given to her.

2.  Selling the book would mean reaching even more people with the positive messages I am sending.  I believe I can help a lot of good parents become even better; but they may be harder to reach if the book is never published.

3.  The final reason I want to get Tantrums, Troubles, and Treasures published is I already have an outline for a follow up book.  After writing the first book, I was so drained because it took 11 months.  Honestly, I didn't believe I had another book in me.  It looks like I was wrong.  The follow up book will have more stories and anecdotes and really fun lessons for parents to think about.  Right now though, it doesn't make a lot of sense to write a follow up book until the first one is published.

I told you in the beginning of the blog I needed your help.  Here are my requests.

I want you to hold my feet to the fire like I suggested earlier.  Encourage me if you read good blog posts.  Tell me what you liked and why.  If the posts were not up to par, tell me why as well and how it should have been improved.

Continue sending me parenting question and referring people to this site.  I believe in the six degrees of separation.  I'm not that far from having Tantrums, Troubles, and Treasures in the hands of a publisher.  Sooner or later, this blog will receive enough hits that a publisher will come across it and want to know what all the commotion is about.

If you have happened to see the children's movie Horton Hears a Who starring Jim Carrey, I feel like we are on the speck of Who-ville shouting "We are here, we are here, we are here!"
Horton Hears a Who!Image via Wikipedia
Thank you for all the time and encouragement you have given.  Here's to a great 2011!



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  3. Follow you back!!! I am looking forward to reading your blog and hopefully your book soon.

  4. Following you back! I love that you have such strong family support to attain your goals and dreams. Keep up the good work!

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  6. Wow... Some great points here. I especially like the tip about breaking goals into reasonable increments. Great advice.

    Super congrats to your wife for doing her 10k!

    As far as your resolution...I behind you big guy! If there's anything I can do for you, from one blogger to another, please let me know. Beyond my own blog, I'm also the parenting writer for and

    Cheers to a fabulous and fruitful New Year!

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  8. Best of luck to you with your book proposal! I enjoy your blog and look forward to reading many more posts! Thank you for your kind comments on my blog!


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  11. First, I love your points about the goals. Thats my new years resolution is to stick to my goals.
    Second, I nominated you for the Stylish Blog Award! Im your follower and love your blog!
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  12. Thanks for the follow and love your blog. Much success with your book but with that attitude, you will get it and accomplish anything. : )Following you back.

  13. Thanks for the wonderful post on my blog!
    I love how hands on you are as a father, your children will grow up to appreciate how strong of a role model you are for them.
    I just started to familiarize myself with your blog, but I see you want to get your book published. I too, am working on my first book (sounds like you're ahead of me!), and hope to get it published one day, hopefully sooner rather than later!
    Good luck with it, it's a fabulous goal to have!